Cal-Diego Air Gun Tournament

Jame Johnson shot all center-mass during the 2nd Annual PVA/Cal-Diego Air Gun Tournament. Photo Ronald Morales

The second PVA/Cal-Diego Air Rifle/Pistol seminar and competition got off the ground August 20–21

Participants of the Cal_Diego Air Gun Tournament gather for their group picture. Photo Ronald Morales

After two years of preparation, the second PVA/Cal-Diego PVA Air Rifle/Pistol seminar and competition got off the ground August 20–21. Participants gathered in Southern California from as far away as Maryland, Colorado, and New Mexico. Six of the competitors were from the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

The event took place at the Small Arms Range on the Point Loma Naval Sub Base. The range has had several quite substantial modifications since 2010, including a new wheelchair-accessible ramp and an air-circulation system within the range to keep temperatures in a tolerable range.

Day one began with practice and one-on-one air-rifle instruction in the prone position. For wheelchair users, this means sitting in their chairs with their elbows and chests on a table in front of them. They also can use a sling to tighten up their position.

After two hours, participants changed to the standing position for continued practice and one-on-one instruction, with wheelers sitting in their chairs without letting their arms touch the table. SH2 shooters can use a quad stand to help stabilize the rifle.

On day two, competition began with 20 rounds with the rifle, in the prone position, followed by 20 rounds standing. The afternoon consisted of 40 rounds with the pistol.

Rifle champions were Michael Sack (SH1), Lance Weir (SH2) and James Johnson (Open); John Roy was Pistol champion.

This event received PVA support with staff, finances, and air guns; the NRA Foundation of Southern California provided targets, pellets, rifles and pistols; and binoculars and a spotting scope were courtesy of Aplen Optics. Coaches included Phil Bryant of the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton, and Ronald Morales, from the California Rifle and Pistol Association.


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