City Accessible

Finding accessible businesses will be make easier with the phone app AxsMap.

Website and mobile app, AXS Map, uses Google Maps to help wheelchair users navigate big-city streets

Navigating New York City on wheels day in and day out, Jason DaSilva thought there had to be a better way to find accessible businesses in his area. The filmmaker with multiple sclerosis uses a power scooter for mobility, but found it limited his options.

Meeting friends for lunch, finding a bathroom and going to the bank was difficult and even when he would call ahead, many businesses would say they were accessible, when in reality they aren’t.

DaSilva recognized he couldn’t be the only one with this problem and created a solution: AXS Map. AXS Map is a user-created database of accessible businesses and public areas within major U.S. cities including New York and San Francisco that are accessible for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, canes and strollers. Members can rate a place they have visited based on entrance and bathroom accessibility and write a review for the establishment.

As the database builds, users can search for the type of establishment (i.e., sushi restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop, etc.) they want in the neighborhood they desire on either a desktop computer or mobile device to find an accessible location that will work for them. You can also look at the map run by Google Maps to see what is accessible in your immediate location.

For more information, visit AxsMap online.



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