Convention Resolutions 2014

The resolutions from the 68th Annual PVA Convention

Below are the resolutions that passed during the 68th Annual PVA Convention is Orlando.


Resolution 14-F-3: Monitoring status procedures

Resolution 14-F-4(S): Spouses committee

Resolution 14-F-5: Establishing new awards submission deadlines

Resolution 14-F-6(S): Corporate Patriot Award

Resolution 14-F-7(S): Audit committee charter revisions

Resolution 14-F-8(S): Revision of whistleblower policy

Resolution 14-F-11: Adaptive equipment for vans

Resolution 14-F-12: Congressionally mandated capacity oversight and reporting requirement

Resolution 14-F-O-1: PVA’s code of ethics, standards of conduct and conflict of interest policy

Resolution 14-F-O-2: Patriot Award

Resolution 14-F-O-3: Extending deadline for chapter program to expense ratio requirement

Resolution 14-F-O-4: Revision of the national meeting standing rules


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