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KD Smart Chair supports PVA with wheelchairs

To honor the dedication and hard work of our veterans, an electric wheelchair company KD Smart Chair has chosen to partner with the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).

The goal of the Paralyzed Veterans of America Mission: ABLE Help Our Heroes, is to change lives and build better futures for America's injured veteran heroes and provide them with assistance. The Mission: ABLE campaign exists to help our paralyzed veterans rebuild their lives and receive the special care, benefits and job placement services they need and deserve.

KD Smart Chair has been a longtime supporter of injured and paralyzed veterans. The company was featured on the television show The Doctors, making a difference in a veteran's life by providing an injured veteran their free wheelchair. Joe who is a retired US Army Sergeant, was injured by an explosion. When Joe woke up in the hospital, the doctor told him he would have to have one of his legs amputated above the knee and the other leg was severely injured. Today, Joe endures continuous pain on a daily basis, which confines him to his wheelchair about 80% of the time. KD Smart Chair proudly gave Joe a lightweight, foldable electric wheelchair. He immediately was able to control it and fit into spaces and go to places he was not able to before. Later that same day on the television show, Joe arrived on stage in his new KD Smart Chair and proposed marriage to his girlfriend.

"We are very proud of all of our troops and veterans that have served our country and want to give back by offering donations and complimentary electric wheelchairs to military personal that really need it," said Roland Reznik, Vice President of KD Smart Chair. "We urge everyone to contribute this holiday season either through our website or by visiting Paralyzed Veterans of America." This is just one example of how KD Smart Chair helps our veterans regain mobility and gain their independence back. This holiday season KD Smart Chair is dedicated to providing wheel chairs to troops in need. You can be part of making a difference in our veterans' lives this holiday season. Paralyzed Veterans depend on the public's donations to provide financial support for its amazing programs for the disabled troops. Join KD Smart Chair and donate today — $1, $5 or $10 or more to help provide the essential support to our nation's paralyzed heroes need and deserve.

To make it easy for you to help support the Mission: ABLE campaign, KD Smart Chair would like to provide you with donation options. For every donation you make, KD Smart Chair will make an additional donation with 10% of all proceeds going directly to Paralyzed Veterans of America! Make a difference in our veterans’ lives today and by choosing one of these donation methods.

  • Donate Through the Call Center – KD Smart Chair's customers who contact our phone hotline, will be given an option to help a veteran by adding a donation to their order. Simply call the toll free hotline at 1-877-827-6278 and speak with a representative about your contribution.
  • Donate at KD Smart Chair Live Events – KD Smart Chair attends numerous live events such as conventions, trade shows and outdoor events. You will have the opportunity to make your donation at KD Smart Chair booths and meet some of the company representatives who can assist you with your donations.
  • Donate Online at PVA Website - Visit the PVA website where you can make a secure donation online.

To learn more about the Paralyzed Veterans of America, please visit our website to learn more about the Mission: ABLE campaign at http://kdsmartchair.com/pages/kd-smart-chair-supports-our-paralyzed-veterans or http://pva.org.

About Paralyzed Veterans of America

Paralyzed Veterans of America is the only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated solely for the benefit and representation of veterans with spinal cord injury or disease. For nearly 70 years, we have ensured that veterans have received the benefits earned through their service to our nation; monitored their care in VA spinal cord injury units; and funded research and education in the search for a cure and improved care for individuals with paralysis.

As a partner for life, Paralyzed Veterans also develops training and career services, works to ensure accessibility in public buildings and spaces, provides health and rehabilitation opportunities through sports and recreation, and advocates for veterans and all people with disabilities. With more than 70 offices and 34 chapters, Paralyzed Veterans serves veterans, their families, and their caregivers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

About KD Smart Chair
KD Smart Chair is an FDA cleared mobility device designed to be the most convenient electric wheelchair on the market today. It can be easily folded in seconds and transported in the car, SUV or truck and airplane. KD Smart Chair is built for durability, safety and reliability for people with mobility issues. It is made of strong aluminum alloy, which gives the chair a total weight of only 50 pounds.


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