Parking Mobility

Disabled parking has always been a hot issue, but now there may be a way to help combat parking malfeasant

Disabled parking is needed by 20% of the population, and cities are responsible for ensuring that these parking spots remain accessible and not abused. Unfortunately cities are unable to patrol all known disabled parking spots, and people with disabilities are constantly frustrated by the abuse of these spots and a feeling that they are powerless.

Hundreds of disabled parking violations occur each day, representing a huge obstacle for people with disabilities and an equally huge loss of revenue for cities. The disabled community wants improved accessibility, and cities — especially in these times of tight budgets — want increased revenue.

The answer is Parking Mobility. This smart phone application brings together citizens and their cities to address disabled parking abuse. After all, who better to identify disabled parking violations than the citizens who need disabled parking for their daily activities?

Charities benefit from the fundraising revenue generated by Parking Mobility, and these donations are reinvested in educational and social programs that strengthen your community. Our charitable partners are also fundamental to the success of Parking Mobility since they encourage their members to report disabled parking violations.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit Parking Mobility online.


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