Ring in the Power

The Ring is a cloud control device that runs multiple devices

Operating multiple pieces of technology in your home such as the TV and thermostat without needing to roll around the house is a big convenience, but it usually means using several bulky remote controls (if you remember where they are). However, a new item from a Japanese startup company is ready to eliminate all those remotes by putting that power right on your finger.

The Ring from Logbar is a cloud control device that allows you to run multiple devices with only the movement of a finger. Chosen as a 2015 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) Innovation Awards Honoree at this week’s event in Las Vegas, the Ring sits on your finger just like a regular ring and works in conjunction with an app on your smartphone. Begun as a Kickstarter campaign last year, the Ring currently allows up to 23 gestures that can be assigned to tasks on your smartphone such as making phone calls, surfing the Web or texting.

A device that allows you to control a smartphone with simple finger movements may sound limiting, but there are bigger and more accessible features on the way. Coming in March, Logbar says it’s launching Ring Hub which is an infrared remote control device used in conjunction with the Ring. The hub will interface with smart home devices and allow you to close the curtains, change the TV channel, turn up the heat, lock the door and more all by just moving your finger.

The Ring is available in four sizes and works similarly to an air mouse with motion sensors and a small touch sensor. It has a continuous battery life of about one to three days and can be recharged in three hours from the included charging base. An early metal version of the Ring sold for $269.99 and has already sold out. A new and improved black plastic model is expected in March for about $130. A price for Ring Hub hasn’t been announced yet.

For more information, visit logbar.jp.

Ring – Shortcut Everything (2014) from Logbar on Vimeo.


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