Tough Talk

First Lady Michelle Obama and the president are seen on a video supporting the 2016 Invictus Games. Screen capture from FLOTUS Twitter page.

And it's on between the Royals of Britain and the First Family as the Invictus Games grow closer

And so it's on, or so it would seem on the Twitter feeds of the First Lady (FLOTUS) and Kensington Palace as the 2016 Invictus Games are set to open in one week in Orlando, Fla.

We’re not quite sure who started the banter, but aparently the First Family is taunting the Royals with humorous video challenges on each others Twitter feeds.

In one such posting, President Obama is seen with Michelle, arms crossed and standing in front of three soldiers, promising the United States is going to “bring it”. The soldiers then make challenging expressions as one simulates a “mic drop” as the video fades to black.


The Royals fire back and ponder a suitable response …



After some thought, Kensington Palace post a video of their own showing Prince Harry and the Queen quietly glancing over an Invictus Games brochure, when Prince Harry’s phone rings to the tone of “Hail to the Chief.”

And so it would seem, that it is indeed on. You can show your support for the Invictus Games May 8-13 by attending, following or watching the coverage on ESPN. Of course, PN will be there to keep you in the know.


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