New “WHILLs”

Not everyone with a spinal-cord injury or disease needs or wants a big wheelchair to get around, and the latest offering from WHILL is promising to give those people a

Get A Grip

The NeoMano assistive prototype glove debuted at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show By Andy Nemann The NeoMano from Neofect is an assistive device for patients with primarily higher level cervical

Wheel Knowledge

Selecting and obtaining the most appropriate wheelchair to meet your needs requires plenty of research and expertise By Karen Whitesell, PT, DPT, NCS, ATP There’s a plethora of wheelchairs from

Sail Away

Adaptive sailing isn’t part of the official schedule of events for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, but participants at July’s 37th annual Games in Cincinnati got a chance to virtually

Wheel Women

Women with SCI/D share what it’s like finding love or a job, raising a family and staying healthy By Brittany Martin Women’s issues have caught national headlines recently with marches,

The Post Exchange

Honorably discharged veterans can now enjoy the benefits of the military exchange Beginning this Veterans Day, prior service military members will be allowed to return to the post exchange …

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