Government Shutdown

Looming government shutdown and what will and will not be effected

By The Department of Veterans Affairs Staff

The threat of a government shutdown creates uncertainty for veterans relying on VA services. While some critical services would continue, other benefits and programs could face reductions or suspensions during a funding lapse.

During past shutdowns, many VA services continued uninterrupted due to multi-year budgets or being deemed essential. However, other services faced reductions, delays or suspensions. This included slowing claims processing, reducing GI Bill payments, halting new enrollments in vocational rehab programs, and postponing non-critical medical procedures.

Services Not Impacted:

– Veteran health care would continue at VA Medical Centers, Clinics and Vet Centers. 

– VA benefits, including compensation, pension, education and housing, would still be processed and delivered.

– Burials could continue at VA national cemeteries. Applications for headstones and burial benefits would be processed.

– The Board of Veterans’ Appeals would continue deciding cases.

– VA Contact Centers and Veterans Crisis Line would remain open 24/7.

Services Impacted:

– Veteran career counseling and transition assistance would cease.

– The GI Bill Hotline would close.

– VA benefits regional offices would close. 

– VA would stop public affairs and veteran outreach.

– Permanent headstone placement and grounds maintenance at cemeteries would halt.

– Pre-need burial applications would not be processed. 

– New presidential memorial certificates would not be printed.

Contact the VA via their MyVA app or by phoning 1-800-MYVA411 (1-800-698-2411)

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