Hit the Road Safely

From flat tires to lift malfunctions, roadside emergencies don’t have to ruin your road trip if you plan ahead

By Brittany Martin

The van’s filled with gas, and the route is mapped out on the GPS. Bags are packed with some snacks, drinks and entertainment. You’re ready for a road trip. But what happens if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? September is National Preparedness Month, so there’s no better time to consider some precautions that should be taken to prepare for emergencies on the road.

For people with mobility impairments or other disabilities, traveling by automobile can have many benefits when compared with other modes of transportation, especially airline travel. In addition to avoiding baggage hassles and lost or damaged mobility devices, road trips can often be more cost-effective and can afford drivers the freedom to stop and rest, thus reducing fatigue. But there are some inherent dangers and obstacles to consider as well. If you’re thinking about hitting the road this fall, a little planning can go a long way if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road.

For more information on the ADA Auto Club, call 800-720-3132. PVA members can receive a club membership discount with the promo code “pvamobility.”

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