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Photo Guidelines and Standards


Before submitting an Article, Photos, or Cartoons to PN Online, please read the following guidelines.
Attach suggested caption(s) to each image. Only the highest-quality and most-representative image will be printed in the magazine. If appropriate, additional images may be posted on the website. If images are copyrighted, send release with submission. If you use previously published tables and figures or those created by someone other than yourself, you must submit signed releases from the copyright holders. When submitting images electronically please save them as a TIF or JPG format. Do not send in word-processing, desktop publishing, or drawing programs. For magazine printing, image resolution must be at least 300 dpi, (1500 x 2100) for an image reproducing in the magazine at 5 x7 inches. We prefer not to download from websites, due to problems with image size and resolution. Also, if you’re aspirations are for your image to appear as a cover you should shoot your images aiming your camera in a portrait position.
Please note: Cameras should be set at high resolution to produce the suggested size and quality. The lowest resolution setting on most cameras DOES NOT provide images of useable size. Images SHOULD NOT be resized prior to submitting to PN Magazine.
Your questions can be answered by:
Ann Garvey
PN Magazine
2111 East Highland Avenue, Suite 180
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
(602) 224-0500 extension 103

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