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PVA National President wants to hear your story for PVA Awareness Month

By David Zurfluh

PVA Social media provides us the opportunity and ability to express ourselves through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even email and traditional letters work, too.

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Awareness Month is this month, and we really want to hear from you! Many of you reading this article have PVA-related stories that changed or shaped your life and led you to who you are today. Please consider taking a few minutes to share your story with others via PVA’s multiple social media platforms.

  • Don’t think you have anything to write? Well, you actually do! Here are some ideas for you to consider sharing with others:
  • What was your experience when a PVA national service officer came to your bedside?
  • How has a caregiver, service animal or another person changed your PVA life?
  • What was your first PVA chapter encounter?
  • What was your first National Veterans Wheelchair Games or adaptive sports experience like?
  • What made you join PVA?
  • What is your favorite PVA experience?
  • What piece of legislation did PVA advocate for that changed or affected your life?
  • What is your historical perspective of PVA then versus now?
  • When was a time you volunteered in your local community to spread PVA awareness, and how did it help you?
  • How has PVA helped you with a wheelchair or adaptive equipment?
  • Which PVA member or employee has impacted you?

Hopefully these ideas will spur an experience out of you. If you can remember times and dates that would be great, but if you can’t, no worries. Just try to ballpark it. The important thing is for you to share your story and to remind people that we’re not alone in our diagnosis or post-injury journey.

Your stories could motivate others to laugh, cry, reflect and say, “I’ve been there.”  Your stories will provide insight into our PVA world for our partners, friends, donors, families and the public.

Use one of the social media platforms below to share a brief snippet of your life and maybe make a brighter tomorrow for someone you’ve not yet met.


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