snow plow problems

Snow Plow Problems

Snow and ice can make using and finding accessible parking spaces and pathways tough, but there are things you can do to clear the way

Wheelie 7

Smile To Move Forward

People living with higher mobility issues may soon bid farewell to the “puff and suck” power chair controller thanks to the Brazilian tech company, Hoobox One Robotics

WHILL Knows The Way

See what the folks at WHILL have been creating as they showcase a few new products at this year’s CES

PVA Healthcare Summit + Expo Day 2

Returning to work after a spinal-cord injury By Brittany Martin   For many veterans, returning to work after a spinal-cord injury or other diagnosis is a major goal, and sometimes

New “WHILLs”

Not everyone with a spinal-cord injury or disease needs or wants a big wheelchair to get around, and the latest offering from WHILL is promising to give those people a

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