Wheelie 7

Smile To Move Forward

People living with higher mobility issues may soon bid farewell to the “puff and suck” power chair controller thanks to the Brazilian tech company, Hoobox One Robotics

WHILL Knows The Way

See what the folks at WHILL have been creating as they showcase a few new products at this year’s CES

Made In The Shade

A new company in Pasadena, Calif., is offering to make it easier for people with mobility issues to enjoy healthy time in the sun with the Sunflower smart umbrella from

Tale of the Tape

Athletic tape comes in many materials and colors and serves many purposes for professional and amateur athletes, but knowing how to use it is critical By Brittany Martin Anyone who’s

Amit Goffer

Up N Ride

Israeli technology start-up UPnRIDE Robotics is launching an innovative upright, self-stabilizing wheelchair at a medical conference in Germany next month and the company hopes the device will hit the market next year

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