VA Health Facilities Alert

What you need to know about limited access to Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and SCI/D centers during the coronavirus pandemic.   The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is taking

Changing Lives

PVA is investing more than $750,000 in these research grants to try and improve the lives of veterans and others with SCI/D.

Research With Bite

Researchers are studying how stem cells extracted from discarded teeth could one day improve the lives of people with SCI By Jennifer Best Imagine a world in which patients with spinal-cord

Complete Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs has long been touted as the best health care option for those with SCI/D

Transferring Freedom

A unique surgical technique is helping people with SCI gain better use of their hands and wrists by rewiring nerves around their injury.

Brain Power

The power of the human brain to help someone with spinal-cord injury and disease (SCI/D) connect with the world and even fly a plane got the 2017 Paralyzed Veterans of

Riding High

A free program imported from the United Kingdom is helping people with SCI experience the freedom and fun of riding an adapted two-wheeled motorcycle By Lisa Nicita Michael Mays was

Sail Away

Adaptive sailing isn’t part of the official schedule of events for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, but participants at July’s 37th annual Games in Cincinnati got a chance to virtually

Wheel Women

Women with SCI/D share what it’s like finding love or a job, raising a family and staying healthy By Brittany Martin Women’s issues have caught national headlines recently with marches,

Protect Your Heart

Protect Your Heart

Coronary artery disease is the most common form of heart disease, and knowing the signs and how to prevent it will keep you and your ticker going strong

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