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New mobile app streamlines VA health care access

By PVA National Staff

VA Launchpad is a new mobile app that simplifies and organizes several existing tools and resources into one convenient location. It arranges all of VA’s previous apps into five categories for veterans: health management, health care team communication, vital health information sharing, mental health improvement, and quality of life improvement. Some of the apps include


  • Airborne Hazards and Open burn Pit Registry
  • Annie App for Veterans (set up reminders for self-care and health tracking)
  • My VA Health Journal (track and record military and health history)
  • Pressure Ulcer Resource (resources to help prevent ulcer injuries)
  • Summary of Care (access your official medical record)
  • VA Online Scheduling (if you are already enrolled, you can schedule primary care appointments)
  • NetResponse Mobile (answer health questions and update with biometric inputs)
  • Secure Messaging (ask your VA care team non-urgent personal health questions)
  • VA Health Chat (ask VA staff minor health questions)
  • VA Video Connect (connect with your health care team from anywhere)
  • MobileKidney (track and enter kidney health information)
  • REVAMP (Connect with positive airway pressure machine)
  • ACT Coach (works with mental health professional during acceptance and commitment therapy)
  • Anger and Irritability Management Skills
  • CBT-i Coach (Get the most out of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia)
  • Concussion Coach (support for physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms related to traumatic brain injury)
  • PE Coach (for therapy with a prolonged exposure therapy health professional)
  • PTSD Coach (for those who, or may have, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD))
  • PTSD Family Coach (for family members of those living with PTSD)
  • MOVE! Coach (weight loss app for Veterans, service members and their families)
  • Stay Quit Coach (resources and tools to help with quitting smoking)


For more information, visit VA Launchpad online

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