Wheelchair Restraint Study

Study on the Feasibility of In-Cabin Wheelchair Restraints Moves Forward

By PVA National Staff

PVA is pleased with the launch of the U.S. Access Boardโ€™s study to assess the feasibility of equipping aircraft with restraint systems so that passengers who use wheelchairs can remain in them while in-flight. The Board announced in October 2019 that it would conduct a study. The U.S. Access Board is carrying out this study through the National Academy of Sciencesโ€™ Transportation Research Board (TRB). TRB organized a team of experts to serve on the committee on the Feasibility of Wheelchair Restraint Systems in Passenger Aircraft for the studyโ€™s evaluation. PVA members Peter W. Axelson and

Dr. Rory A. Cooper were both appointed to serve on the committee. The first meeting of the committee will be on February 5-6. To register to view the meeting remotely, go here.

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